About the Twins


Imagine your best friend.  Now imagine that friend having mostly the same talents, interests, and creativity that you do.  Now imagine that friend is your sister–your twin sister!

Before you read any further, get one thing straight: there is no such thing as an evil twin–especially with identical twins (like us!)  So while all the rest of you have a unique DNA that will never be repeated in another human being, we share the same DNA, though over time it acts in different ways (i.e. identical twins are not clones).  We have been known to say the exact same things at the same time, but not finish each other’s sentences (if you’re thinking the Weasley twins, you’ve got another thing coming).

But even though we’re identical twins, we’re not the same: our opposite temperaments make us perfect duo–methodical and artsy, serious and creative, practical and imaginative. (Literally, one of us is a choleric/sanguine, the other is melancholic/phlegmatic).

We’re a creative team–scheming, writing, traveling, blogging together since…well, since the beginning.

Unsurprisingly, we attended the same university (with the same majors and same minor), we studied abroad in Canterbury, UK together (oh, taking the same courses, of course!).  And after college, we both spent a year teaching English in France (in the same region, duh).

All the time in between traveling, we played piano together, harp together, orchestra together and camp counseling (together!).  So after all this, it just made sense to write cookbooks together.  

We’ve been baking since we were eight years old–so with fifteen years of hard-earned experience in the kitchen coupled with our love of multimedia, we thought we’d embrace the new wave of technology and self-publish our gluten-free recipe successes on Kindle!

We look forward to sharing cooking tips and tricks with you!

Laura Kizior and Mary Kizior