How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs


For those of us trying to live a healthier lifestyle, it can sometimes be hard to sacrifice ease of preparation, taste, and the aestheticism of food presentation in order to eat healthy. It is all too easy for most of us to buy packaged foods that are not only loaded full of chemicals that we can’t even pronounce, but also artificial substances that make the food look pretty.  Food dyes are usually an excellent source of petroleum (i.e. gasoline), but trying to stay away from them gets hard during the holidays–especially with all the cute cupcake designs and eggs dyes available for Easter.

Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to naturally dye your Easter eggs. Because the ingredients used are natural, the colors will not be as vibrant as a food dye, but do you really want your eggs to glow in the dark with artificial-ness?


Yellow: 1 tbsp turmeric + 1 tsp paprika

Pink: 1 can beets, fresh beets are best

Blue: 1 cup blueberries or other dark berries

Dark Red: the skins of two yellow onions

Light Green: the skin of one red onion (we used one, two would have been better)

Dark Blue: grape juice

Brown: tea bags


Step 1: Wash your white eggs in water with a little vinegar added. Sometimes eggs from the store have been washed with a soap that tends to repel any dye you try to use, but this can be easily removed by rubbing the raw eggs gently for a few seconds in the vinegar solution.


Step 2: Cook the eggs. This is the fun part.  Add a little vinegar to the water just to be sure that the dye will stick.

Step 3: Pour off the water and remove the onion skins, etc, and let the eggs dry in peace–otherwise the eggs will dry with interestingly shaped spots!


Enjoy!  Happy Easter!


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