3 Days ’til Christmas!

In our family, Christmas baking is a royal affair–I mean, it really isn’t Christmas unless you’re celebrating with at least 8 different kinds of cookies, right?  With an unfortunate bout of flu that hit our house, we didn’t start baking until 2 days ago–but now we have 6 kinds of cookies so far!

In France I got a new appreciation for Spritz Cookies–especially the rich almond flavored Alsatian Spritz Cookies!  They’re super easy to form and make a nice accompaniment to coffee or mulled wine.

At all the Christmas markets in Eastern France (marché de noël) you will find two kinds of mulled wine-red and white (vin chaud rouge et vin chaud blanc) and at the counter, you’ll find little dishes filled with spritz cookies because the French never drink alcohol by itself.  Vin chaud blanc is my personal favorite, but the rouge is good as well (though unfortunately, Christmas Markets in America have no idea you can make mulled wine with white wine…alas!)

But you can still enjoy a warm plate of spritz cookies!

Holiday Ad 7

Get your recipe today and enjoy a European treat just in time for the holidays!

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël! Bonne Fête!

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