Free Recipe: GF, Dairy Free Rice Pudding

*Check out our Chocolate pudding recipe in our free ebook: The Twins' Guide to Going Gluten-Free

*Check out our Chocolate pudding recipe in our free ebook: The Twins’ Guide to Going Gluten-Free

We hope everyone is having a great time getting ready for Thanksgiving!  Hopefully our new cookbook with recipes for GF yummy pies and cakes is enough to get you started so that you can celebrate this holiday with ease.

We whipped up the following rice pudding recipe a few weeks ago for a potluck at a friend’s house.  It was such a hit that we didn’t bring any home!

We found that when making rice pudding, it’s easier to cook the rice first. Sorry there aren’t any pictures…the pudding was gone before we had a chance to take any!

Rice Pudding

Serves: 10 or more

3 cups cooked rice

3 eggs

3 3/4 cup coconut milk (either canned, which is creamier, or from a box.  We liked a mix of both)

1/2 cup sugar (or agave, or honey)

2 tsp pure vanilla extract

1/2 tsp cinnamon (to sprinkle on the top)

In a pot with the cooked rice, heat the coconut milk until the milk/rice mixture is near boiling. Add the vanilla extract and the sugar.

Beat eggs until frothy in a bowl.  Take about a 1/2 cup of the milk/rice mixture and mix it with the eggs, stirring constantly (you don’t wan’t hardboiled eggs in your pudding). Keep adding cupfuls of milk/rice until the eggs are well incorporated.  Add to pot on the stove.

Cook for a couple of minutes until the eggs are cooked.  Pour into a serving dish and sprinkle with cinnamon. Let cool until warm to the touch.  Chill in the refrigerator for serving. Enjoy!

Since Thanksgiving is all about saying what we’re thankful for, we thought we might list a few things.

We’re thankful for:

-awesome family and friends who support us in our cooking and writing endeavors

-the great reviews we’ve been getting on our books (thanks, folks.  You’re amazing.  You make us want to write another book).

What are you thankful for this year?

And with that, we’d like to wish you and your families a very happy and wonderful Thanksgiving!



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