Frugal Fridays: Flours!

We use a variety of different flours in our recipes, so which brands are the best?

We use Bob’s Red Mill flours for most of our gluten-free flours, starches, and binders.  The gf products are certified gluten-free, so we don’t have to worry about making any of our taste-testers sick from contamination.  We usually shop at Whole Foods, Meijer, or Jewel Osco (Chicagoland’s Albertsons :D) rather than ordering the flour online.  While all of these stores carry at least some of Bob’s Red Mill products, they are not always priced equally–so watch out for sales!

-Arrowroot Starch

-White/Brown Rice Flour

-Teff Flour

-Quinoa Flour

-Xanthan Gum

-Guar Gum

-Certified Gluten-Free Oat Flour

-Coconut Flour

-Tapioca Starch

-Corn Starch

For Almond Flour and Garbanzo Bean Flour, we’ve learned how to save a few bucks and grind our own.

For Buckwheat Flour, we use a brand called Arrowhead Mills.


Happy Friday!



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